Janssen CarePath General Resources

Access support to help navigate payer processes

Know Your State Interactive Tool — Provides information on affordability options for your patients at the state level.

Supporting Appropriate Payer Coverage Decisions Brochure — Helps you understand the information that payers may require for your patient's coverage of medically necessary drug therapies.

Prior Authorization Considerations Checklist — Presents general information on prior authorization processes, including items and information that may be requested from your patient's insurer. (Lista de verificación en Español)

Exception Considerations Checklist — Gives an overview of exception processes for your patient's coverage of medically necessary drug therapies. (Lista de verificación en Español)

Appeal Considerations Checklist — Provides general information on insurance appeals processes, which can be useful if your patient's insurer denies coverage. (Lista de verificación en Español)

Affordability support to help your patients start and stay on the treatment you prescribe

Affordability Options for Prescription Drugs Summary — Presents resources that may assist patients with their prescription drug costs based on their primary insurance status.

Medicare Resource Guide — Provides important information for your patients to consider when selecting their insurance coverage.

Part B vs D Brochure — Outlines Medicare coverage under Parts B and D and illustrates the impact on patients who incur costs for branded medications.

Medicare Part D and Coverage Gap Guide — Helps you understand the 4 phases of coverage (Deductible, Initial Coverage, Coverage Gap, and Catastrophic Coverage), and when you will enter the Coverage Gap (formerly known as the Donut Hole).

Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) Brochure — Offers information about extra help with prescription drug costs that is available to low–income residents of the United States enrolled in Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) "Extra Help" Resource for Patients — Explains the level of "Extra Help" for low-income residents of the United States enrolled in Medicare Prescription Drug plans, the qualifications for each level, and how patients can apply.

High Deductible Health Plan Resource for Patients — Provides information on high deductible health plans and Janssen CarePath support.

Other Resources — Link to website for Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation (JJPAF) - an independent, nonprofit organization committed to helping eligible patients without insurance coverage receive prescription products donated by Johnson & Johnson operating companies.

Treatment support to help your patients get informed and stay on prescribed Janssen treatment

See product-specific resources on the Janssen medication pages on this website.